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This is my crew; they’re the best.


The Inspiration Behind My Work

Nothing has pushed me to look inward, to learn and grow the way motherhood has and it has profoundly impacted the way I see the world and therefore my work. What I value has shifted, and I have a clearer vision of what want to look back on in the years to come. I have realized that the images that I cherish the most are those that trigger a memory, that bring me right back to a moment in time. Rather than putting too much focus on portraits or recreating images, I believe the best gift I can give you is to allow you to be present. To give you space to enjoy your day while I tell your unique story through heartfelt images.

A Little About Me

I studied photojournalism and entrepreneurship at Indiana University and have been capturing families for 15 years and weddings for 13 years. I’m married to the most kind, grounded, supportive, and fun guy around, Pat. Everyone that meets him adores him. We live in the Chicago suburbs with our two boys Liam and Theo and spend most of our free time together as a family. We all love being outdoors and you can often find us on a walk, bike ride, hanging at the beach, or camping. We travel as much as we can but are perfectly happy enjoying time at home too. The simple life really is the best life.

I’d love to learn more about the two of you.

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